Friday, May 13, 2005

Radical Democrats, Dishonest Media and A Naive Newt

Three really incredible stories in the news. Barbara Boxer has put a hold on the Bolton nomination after it was sent to the floor of the Senate for a vote. The Democrats have decided that they will essentially overrule the results of the election by not allowing anything to happen in the country for four years. No judicial nominees will go through and no appointments will go through. Apparently the blocking of everything they disagree with is their idea of Democracy. SOrt of the same as their claim that conservative voices on PBS is against the law.

In another related story, CBS has once again lied to the American people to support claims by the Democrats. This time they have butchered a Ken Starr quote to make it appear that he stated that the Republican bid to end the fillibuster of judges is a radical step and an attack on the judiciary. Of course he said no such thing, in fact his meaning was almost the opposite.

The third story involves Hillary Clinton's attempt to get who she has called an "Arch-Conservative" and a man who many conservatives looked upon as a hero to basically endorse her for President in 2008. Apparently she is doing a very good job. Newt get a clue, she is using you like she has used so many others for political gain in the past. Hillary uses Newt, Bill uses Preesident Bush Sr. We have seen it all before.

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