Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Unbelieveable Press

When you read the text of questions asked of Scott Mclellan, the Press Secretary, please remeber that these are not Senate Democrats asking the questions, but members of the White House press who claim to be unbiased. Also keep in mind the backdrop to this conference is the false story published by Newsweek that led to riots and deaths in the Middle East. Powerline has a good list of the questions.

Remeber as well that before the election, the President held a press conference during which the media acted much like they did this time. The American people reacted negatively to such an obvious display of partisanship, and I suspect they will react the same way to this show.

Thye bad news is that so few people read newspapers or watch TV news that the temper tantrum thrown by the press will likely go unnoticed.
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