Friday, October 28, 2005

Libby Indicted

So a two year, multi-million dollar investigation ends with one person indicted for making false statements regarding an event (the publication of a name) that was never a crime to begin with. If Libby did lie he has nothing but his own poor judgement to blame. So after all the press hysteria we have a one man tragedy.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happily, I Return To Blogging...

But the current political environment in nauseating. I will comment on "Plamegate" after there is an announcement by the special prosecutor. Until then I know as much as anyone in the media, zero, so there is no need to speculate. However I do have something to say about the Miers nomination and subsequent withdrawal. The actions of some conservatives on this have been unforgivable. I hope the insulated word warriors The Corner at NRO are proud of themselves. No doubt they will spend many hours patting themselves on the back telling themselves they are the guardians of "True Conservatism", protecting it from the lowly masses who felt Harriet Miers deserved enough respect to at least get a hearing. I have advice for the folks at NRO: get out amongst the people once in a while. You are as insulated from the world as any liberal college professor who has spent his entire life in school. By "out" I do not mean among other like minded pundits who are eager to pass out compliments in order to receive compliments, but average people who go to work 8 hours a day in professions that have nothing to do with law or politics. Internet sites like NRO are incestuous places where political debate goes to die.

I would have preferred Luttig. Was Harriet Miers the best nominee? We will never know because she didn't have a hearing. I can't wait for the NRO's reaction when Alberto Gonzales, or someone just as moderate as him, is the replacement pick. You reap what you sow. SO while many at NRO and other sites are congratulating each other, the millions of "everyday" Republicans who supported the President's nominee will continue to view the criticism as arrogant and elitist. Based on the arguments given by her opponents, I say they are right to do so.

I refer you to Hugh Hewitt for further comments on the treatment on Miers by the right.

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