Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Unreported Thwarting Of A Terrorist Attack on The US

Italy has arrested three Algerians who were planning an attack more spectacular than that of the September 11th attacks. The attack was to be launched within the United States against stadiums, train stations etc. The story itself should be what makes the headlines, unless you are an avid reader of blogs, you have not heard this story. The mainstream media has blacked it out. Why? Why would the mainstram media in the United States not cover what is most likely the biggest story regarding homeland security and one of the biggest stories in general since September 11th, when international newspapers are screaming it across their front pages and leading their newscats with it? The answer lies in how the Italian authorities uncovered and foiled the plot: using wiretaps. That's right. It seems the largest terror plot on the US since September 11th was uncovered using the very method the Democrats and their allies in the media hope to impeach George Bush for if the Democrats manage to retake the house. How could the media allow the people of the United States to hear a story that would completely take the wind out of the impeachment sails? They can't, therefore you are not allowed to see a story that is treated as blockbuster news everywhere from China to Europe.

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