Friday, February 24, 2006

"Don't Call Me An Islamophobe"

It seems that that is now the rallying cry of those who reacted with hysteria at the prospect of an Arab country leasing terminal management duties at our ports. I am sure there are those who have called the critics “Islamophobes”, and it was wrong for them to do so. However, I have no sympathy for the opponents as they brought it upon themselves by reacting so hysterically when this story broke. There are questions that need to be answered about the deal, and the Administration has started to do so.

The opponents of the deal immediately jumped on the bandwagon that this was a horrible deal. The transaction was completely mischaracterized, and those mischaracterizations were used to prey on the fear Americans rightly have after 9/11. An Arab owned company has bought our Ports! Our ports have been “out sourced!” This is the worst political mistake the administration could make!!! This is the end of the Bush administration!!! At best it’s a horrid political mistake, at worst we may lose a city!!

All said before even 10% of the facts were known. The question those of us who withheld judgement have for those who were hysterical from the get go is simple: Why? Why didn’t you get the facts before you commented? Why did the potential of this deal send you over the edge? Why were you willing to attack the President without knowing any of the facts?

It may very well be that after review the deal shouldn’t go forward. But for heavens sake calm down. As for the opponents being upset about others being upset about their irrational response: tough. When you throw a hissy fit and act like a baby, that is how you will be treated. In the mean time, more responsible people will have a debate about the possible security implications of any foreign entity, whether from the Middle Eat or Great Britain, leasing terminals in our ports. When you are finished throwing your fit, you can join the conversation.


It seems that now, those who had a ridiculous knee jerk reaction to the story and commented before having all (or any) of the facts, are now using the "ineptitude of the administration" as a cover for their behaviour. Instead of an excuse how about just admitting you were wrong to prejudge the situation and to help whip the public into a frenzy? Although I link to Instapundit as an example this excuse is rampant amoung those who are now embarrassed to admit that their opposition to the deal really only boiled down to ethnicity.

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